Common Questions

Common Questions
  • Adress:  Rua Dr. Pires, 850 – Bairro Formoso – Bonito / MS
    CEP: 79.290-000 – Mato Grosso do Sul

    Phones: + 55 (67) 3255 1022 or  +55 (67) 3255 1462

    Mobiles phone / Whatsapp:

    + 55 (67) 9 9157 5311  (CLARO)
    + 55 (67) 9 9658 7600  (VIVO)
    + 55 (67) 9 8459 8892  (Oi)
    + 55 (67) 9 8174 3923  (TIM)

    +55 (67) 9 8180 7231 • Whatsapp

    Coordinates of BONITO HI HOSTEL:

    21º 07 21.96 (S) / 56º 30 06.45 (W) – Height: 348 meters

  • If possible choose periods of “low season” in which hosting and tours prices are smaller, beyond the city receive fewer visitors, there is availability of places in the main ecological attractions. Ideally the visitor choose low season period and come free to choose the tours every day, as the weather conditions and group together with other guests to use the shared transport which is economic. If you want to come in periods of high season, we recommend booking your accommodation in Hostel and two or three major tours in advance = 2 months, minimum 1 months before. The main ecological attractions, the most competitive are: Blue Lake Cave, snorkelling in the Rio da Prata and Rio Sucuri, abseiling and/ or diving in Anhumas Abyss. At any time you can visit Bonito, we work 365 days a year. Check Bonito high season calendar HERE

  • Bonito activity called the practice is “Sustainable Tourism Green”, with most attractions on private property, only two of them managed by the municipal government, following and strictly obeying the municipal and federal laws regulating all tourist attractions, mostly in rural areas, farms and ecological sites. All activities are monitored by qualified tour guides trained by the Tourism Minsitério specifically to operate in Bonito and the region of Serra da Bodoquena. All tourist attractions have environmental licenses, management projects and load capacity, ie a limit spaces per day, so that it can not exceed the limit set in the projects. The visitor can not go to any of the tours on your own, you must first schedule your tours in a Bonito tourism agency, which verifies availability of vacancies and reserve the desired tours, calls the guides, issuing vouchers digitally and guides in detail the paths to be followed by each ecological attraction. Bonito HI Hostel has its tourism agency, Ecological Tour, which runs inside the Hostel for convenience of its guests, noting that the prices of tours are tabulated by COMTUR – City Council Bonito Tourism, each tour It has its list price, the same in all city agencies. But if the guest join or already associated with Hostelling International, get discounts on some tours. Just buy the membership card HI Brazil which is very cheap and is valid for one year, costs only $ 30.00 per person.

  • It is an economical lodging with basic comfort , with great integration between guests, generating great communion of cultures and customs , it welcomes people from all parts of Brazil and world. The atmosphere is familiar , relaxed and cheerful. Bonito HI Hostel does not offer luxury. The service starts at 07:00 and closes at 23:00 , when applying the Law of Silence that is maintained the nigth guard. * The Hostel is not a pub or a nightclub, it is a hosting in which people want to sleep well.

  • No, the hostels also have private rooms accommodations for couples and families , the Bonito HI Hostel has 32 private apartments and 8 shared rooms

  • Who says the Bonito tourism is expensive this wrong and does not know what is eco-tourism. Bonito’s ecological attractions with various prices, from R $ 30.00 to R $ 240.00 per person, so that each one chooses the tours within your budget, remembering that the most radical attractions such as abseiling and diving autonomous, with much higher prices are not considered as tours, but as extreme sports, with special equipment, special teams and numbers of very small daily. There is a high cost in each ecological attractive, from design and management to get “Operation Licenses”, staffs to maintain the infrastructure always in compliance with legal requirements, individual equipment are provided for each tourist, sanitized. Therefore, you should not compare coastal tourism and saws with eco-tourism, especially in Bonito which has one of the best organizations that preserves the environment safe for visitors, it has won awards for best eco-tourism destination in Brazil by 14 times consecutive.  Bonito has unparalleled ecological attractions, the nature of the region is unique, we have an obligation to preserve it. Come check and be a fan as thousands of people who always come back and say Bonito is not a destination to visit only once, but always.

  • The climate of Bonito region is generally warm, even in winter periods, the temperature in the region of 32 ° to 15 °. Rainfall is usually quick, fleeting, hardly harm the tourism activity and is rarely raining all day. We recommend that visitors make available one week (7 days) 5 days to discover the wonders of Bonito nature, but who comes with just a 2 or 3 days, you risk losing a day or more in case of a big rain that almost affects the country. Bonito is not a destination for a weekend, they are more than 30 ecological attractions. The Pantanal is close, we can take the same trip to the two destinations, ideal provide 10 days for Bonito and Pantanal.

  •  With children very young (babies) you are restricted to the swimming parks, the main tours are prohibited by measure of security, such as the Blue Lake Cave, Snorkelling in rivers and other of the most beautiful and exciting. Children begin to enjoy Bonito tours from 8 years old. HI Hostel has no service “baby-sitter”, or recreation team. So if you come with young children, please to look all them all the time, avoiding trouble, running around, falls and accidents, especially in the pool Hostel. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

  • Yes you can enjoy the fluctuations in the crystal clear waters of Bonito rivers, because the attractions have equipment that is required: wetsuit that will warm you and it is enough not to sink, the life jacket, mask, snorkel tube and bootie or sandal. The tour guide will be responsible for your group, he gives you all the guidelines and rules for each attraction and accompanies the group throughout the descent of the river, giving the necessary support for all, especially for those who have never practiced this activity.

  • For Bonito eco-tourism activities you should bring light clothes: shorts and shirts, two shoes or boots trecking, papete type sandals (those that are fixed in the feet, tied the heels), hat or cap. The shoes should have rubber soles. For women we recommend using “swimsuit” under the wetsuits that are provided on changes in the rivers because they are more comfortable than bikinis. For those who will abseiling/ rappelling, the ideal is to bring a pair of longer socks (mid-calf) and long buckles or spiders hair to arrest them. It is also important to a small backpack to carry your belongings and a bottle of water for the rides. Oh … creamy soap (Dove) and shampo for dry hair and conditioner are extremely important, because the water of Bonito has a lot of concentration of calcium carbonete which dries the skin and hair. 

    For those who going to the Pantanal tour, backpack thicker clothes, like jeans pants and shirts with long sleeves and a repellent bottle against the creamy type mosquitoes and sunscreen.

    In winter periods – May to September – it is good to have a thicker coat and a blanket or sleeping bag, because the Hostel offers only a blanket for each guest. So you can not use your blanket out of the apartments. Bed linen, blanket and pillow Hostel to be used inside the apartment only.


  • They are big apartments, each with its ensuite bathroom, three bunk beds, six large steel cabinets to lock with padlock, ceiling and wall fan – permanent ventilation through openings with mosquito screen. They are male and female collective rooms * in Bonito Hostel do not allow mixing sexes. 

  • The Bonito Hi Hostel has a bar / restaurant with several items – in the small town we recommend the following restaurants:

    Casa do João, where you can experience the famous “betrayed spineless”, delicious fish such as painted, tilapia, pirarara and pacu. It also serves, depending on the season, dishes and portions with alligator meat and other exotic meats, but also beef, pork and chicken;

    Following other restaurants quite frequented by tourists and residents of Bonito:

    Steakhouse Pantanal / Restaurant Aquarius / Sale & amp; Pepe / Tapera Restaurant / Restaurant Juanita.

    Bars most frequented by galleys:

    Taboa Bar / Benedito 

  • For details of how to get the best to dive right into the page by clicking DIRECTIONS

  • To perform the dip in the Abyss Cave Anhumas you must have the dive credential “basic”, but we offer a dive that does not need any credentials, the Discovery Scuba, which takes place in rivers, is like a baptism, a person receives all equipment and performs the diving accompanied by the diver. The other Bonito caves are closed by Ibama, pending projects and environmental permits – Mimoso Grout and Ceita Kore.

  • Unfortunately HI Hostel “does not accept” pets,, dog, cat or any other animal species. One would have to have a special and separate infrastructure to receive animals and this would be very expensive. So, do not insist, leave your pet with a relative or in a specialized PET Hotel, noting that the tours will not accept pets. Please, when you are here, do not bring any street animal into the HI Hostel, usually these animals are disease carriers, we forward them to the Zoonosis Center that will take care of them. If perchance a dog or cat into the Hostel, do not feed them, if you do that it gets used and it may be what we have seen in the past: the cat up on the breakfast table and drinking the milk of your cup or another guest, while you will be served at the buffet. It is a matter of common sense, we will avoid diseases.

  • We do not allow noise and noises of any kind from 23:00 hours that must prevail total silence in accordance with the Law of Disruption

    It is forbidden individual and automotive music sound as well, ballads and other small parties, Lual other. If you are being harassed, look for the night guard and complain!

  • A visit to the Blue Lake Cave can not be performed by pregnant over 2 months of pregnancy; other tours such as horseback riding, rappelling, scuba diving, cattle cross and tree climbing should be avoided. In the Pantanal pregnant women should avoid riding and hiking, especially since the heat is more pronounced outside the winter period. The same applies to people with heart problems and respiratory failure.

  • Although it has already received people with physical disabilities and wheelchair users, the Hostel has no special infrastructure, suitable to receive them. Consult us, expose the type of physical disability, age, etc.

  • Rates include linens (bedding), pillow, blanket, self-service buffet breakfast served from 7: 00h at 9: 30h, Wi-Fi internet, use of the pool from 9: 00 am until 22: 00 – the day starts at noon and ends at noon the next day, with a tolerance of one hour – on the day you check out you should vacate your accommodation or your bed no later than noon, pay its also has to eio day. If by chance your tour is finished in the afternoon, you vacate your accommodation before leaving for the ride, leave your luggage stored in the reception and back can still use the shared bathroom. So your accommodation will be cleaned by the maids that no longer prepared to receive new guests.

    NOTE: towels are not included in the daily, Hostel rents bath towel for $ 5.00 to play (not per person)

  • You should not drink Bonito water – mineral water only – because water has a high concentration of calcium carbonate and magnesium. 

  • Yes, the Hostel has a small kitchen for fast-food type, with a 2 stove (two) mouths, no microwave and asked not to make fried foods to avoid fog suspension and accidents. 

  • Yes, we provide an area with two (2) double tanks, powder and covered and uncovered staves drying of parts. For those who have a lot of dirty clothes and wants to wash them work, we have Delivery service and account and fast – you order at the hostel agency.

  • It is a question of solidarity, is not a must, if only because the employees pass on the washing and then sterilized with alcohol, but each playing the breakfast debris in the appropriate bins and washing, it’s a great collaboration. Some people do not like and drop out tray with everything on the tables and it attracts flies and the room environment is impaired for other guests who are coming to the breakfast because we have no waitress and kitchen helper, it is a “HOSTEL” it is not a Hotel. To maintain economic rates hostels have to keep your lean teams, solidarity of guests is always welcome and, believe it or not, people who met here at Hostel washing dishes came to get married some time later and have returned with their children provided that they met when he offered to wash the dishes for her! And that not only aconeteceu washing dishes, but in the pool, on the sidewalks, in bars, etc. Many casórios born here in Bonito Hi Hostel, we are very proud and we were happy.

  • It is served from 07: 00 to 09: 30 AM, included in the daily, self-service buffet with coffee with hot milk, cold milk, juice, scrambled eggs, homemade bread and French bread, biscuits, jams, fresh milk, curd , mortadella, fruit that could be papaya, watermelon or banana and cakes – hot water for tea.

  • It’s simple, we recommend providing 10 days “full” for the two destinations, 5 to 7 days to Bonito and 3 more days for the Pantanal, with one of our economic options Pantanal Wildlife Safari – is a three-day adventure (2 nights) or four days (3 nights) so you can perform all program activities: Safari contemplation of fauna and flora in Jeeps, trecking (walk), Pantanal riding, piranha fishing, boating and nocturnal animals. All this in specialty lodging in wetland ecotourism, with packages that include breakfast, lunch and dinner well served in self-service buffet. All information you get in Bonito Hostel agency and know that you do not need to return to the Beautiful when finished Pantanal ride, you can go straight to Campo Grande and there catch your flight or bus to their city of origin.

    Click WETLAND to see photos, details.

  • Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Caixa Econômica Federal,  Sicredi, each one with the cash machine until 09:00 PM.

  • Yes, the system flags Cielo