By Car/ Motocycle

You do not need to come with your own car,  because the ECOLOGICAL TOUR agency organizes all Bonito/Pantanal tours daily to distributes tourists in  vehicles: vans, minibuses; so the transportation which becomes economic  is the shared transport. This way you integrate more with other tourists.

However, if you come by car or other vehicle, follow the informations >

WARNING: If you are in Campo Grande, do not use GPS or Google Maps routes between Campo Grande and Bonito, to avoid getting into back and sand roads. It should be out of Campo Grande via Sidrolândia city NOT via Terenos and Aquidauana (Pantanal). 

Several tourists get in wrong roads because they use GPS that indicates old roads with stretches over 130 km in land. Follow the information below to insert the script on your GPS>


By Car/ Motocycle

Campo Grande script to Bonito.. out of the capital through Rua Brilhante, aftre Avenida Marechal Deodoro, Ibirussu Clover, to the Sidrolândia city by BR-060, so passing through the small Nioaque city then Guia Lopes and Bonito, all paved and signaled in good condition;

Who leaves São Paulo (Capital and Greater São Paulo) to get Highway Castello Branco and after Raposo Tavares road to President Epitacio entering the Mato Grosso do Sul state, … to Nova Alvorada do Sul (Clover) left to Rio Brilhante city, through Maracajú city, through Guide Lopes – (right) to Bonito after Gas Station Tio João;

As another option following the Castello Branco Highway to the Botucatu town, taking the Marechal Rondon Highway to Três Lagoas city, going through Água Clara, Ribas do Rio Pardo and Campo Grande (Capital of Mato Grosso do Sul state). From Campo Grande to Bonito with the script above already described;

From the south of Brazil the best option is to enter the state of São Paulo to Presidente Prudente and after to President Epitacio, then with the same script of São Paulo to Bonito. The other option is via Cascavel, Toledo, Guaira, Dourados;




Campo Grande – 290 

Foz de Iguazu – 880

Aquidauana – 198

Corumbá – 350 

Dourados – 280 

Ponta Porã – 285 

São Paulo – 1.275 

Curitiba – 1.154 

Belo Horizonte – 1.644 

Florianópolis – 1.494 

Rio de Janeiro – 1.685 

Brasília – 1.414 

Cuiabá – 974  

Porto Alegre – 1.629 

By Car/ Motocycle