By Plane

Airline tickets to Campo Grande CGR with GOL, TAM, AZUL and other companies, and from Campo Grande to Bonito by Van / Minibus, or direct with Azul Airlines via Campinas city (Viracopos Airport).

To get in Bonito from Campo Grande, capital of Mato Grosso do SUL, who land at Campo Grande International Airport:

Depending on the time of arrival in Campo Grande, you should check what is the best transportation option to Bonito. So before you buy your flight observe the output schedules on 1st following option they are the best, you landing direct Bonito HI Hostel.

1ª optin –  Van / Minibus from Grande to Bonito at: 09:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 02:30 PM, 04:30 PM, 07:00 PM and 11:30 PM – Price per person = R$ 100,00 

2ª option  – Bus  but * try to avoid this option * By bus from Campo Grande to Bonito with Viação Cruzeiro do Sul bus Co. at 07:00 AM or 09:00 AM or 11:00 AM or 04:00 PM or 06:00 PM.  There is a vehicle change when the bus get Jardim city but with same bus Co. – It´s about 6 hours journey with around stop on the way; the bus ticket costs R$ 70,00. PS: The bus Sattion is 11 km from the airport, by taxi costs R$ 60,00. 

Azul Airlines with direct flights from Campinas (SP) to Bonito (MS) – starting from Viracopos Airport at 10:30 AM and arriving Bonito airport at 11:50 AM. PS: 2 twice a week, wednesday and sunday.

NOTE: quotation with airline companies via Campo Grande that may be more affordable, Campo Grande to Bonito by Van / Minibus.

NOTE: The  Bonito Airport (BYO) is 16 km away from the city – book with us pick up – The more guests HI Hostel on the same flight, the more cheap is the transport.