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Take advantage by the HI Hostel daily Minibus leaving Campo Grande to Bonito at 09:30 AM, 11:30 AM 02:30 PM , 04:30 PM and 07:00 PM and 11:30 PM – It costs R$ 100,00 per person; It takes around 3 and a half hour journey with one stop by new cars (passenger insurance) –  dropping you at the HI Hostel gate. Send us your full name and the passport number for reservation. From Bonito to Campo Grande, our vans departure at 4:20 AM (purchase flights departuring from 10:00am), 07:30 AM, 10:00 AM, 12:30 PM and 06:30 PM. Obs: The minivan picks up passangers at other hotels before heading to Campo Grande and the journey can take a little bit longer.

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By bus from Campo Grande to Bonito with Viação Cruzeiro do Sul bus Co.: at 07:00 AM or 09:00 AMor 11:00 AM or 04:00 PM or 06:00 PM.  We´ll be waiting for you at the Bonito bus terminal. There is a vehicle change when the bus get Jardim city but with same bus Co. – It´s about 6 hours journey with around stop on the way; the bus ticket costs R$ 55,00; Note: If you”ll take the bus that leaves at 06:00 PM, please let us know in advance because this bus arrives in Bonito too late (after 11:00PM).

Get the phone number of bus companies

     Viação Motta – 0xx67 4009 9898 0224                  Expresso Queiroz – 0xx67 3042

     Viação Cruzeiro do Sul – 0xx67 3321 8797            Viação São Luiz – 0xx67 3321 1890    
     Expresso Mato Grosso – 0xx67 3324 2263              Hélios – 0xx67 9255 8937
     Reunidas – 0xx67 3382 1024                                   Unesul – 0xx67 3382 1898
     Medianeira – 0xx67 3382 7235                                Gontijo – 0xx67 3383 5657
     Itamarati – 0xx67 3029 0123                                   Maringá – 0xx67 3382 0356
     Ouro e Prata – 0xx67 3324 9885                             Cometa Amambay – 0xx67 3321 8797
     Eucatur / Nova Integração – 0xx67 3901 2471      Serra Azul – 0xx67 3901 2471       
     Viação Andorinha – 0xx67 3389 0300


CAMPO GRANDE BUS TERMINAL ADDRESS > Avenida Gury Marques, 1215 – Bairro Universitário – CEP: 79020-140 

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Important –   There is no longer Hostelling International Hostel in Campo Grande and in Corumbá as well. We can help you by recommending some cheap hotels that work in partnership with us in Campo Grande; look for OKA HOSTEL >  In the Brazil/ Bolivia border you should stay on the Bolívia side in Tamengo HI Hostel (it is a nice and cheap hostel), check: 


Do not waste time and money, we have cheaper and safe tours in the Pantanal and Bonito for you. Do not trust people who approach you at airports and bus terminals with promising and offering tours to get your money on a table of bars and restaurants. We know about many tourists who were victims of these people. After you pay they disappear and you can not complain to get your money back.


The good professional travel agents have a identified store/room to negotiate with their clients to receive payment. Do not take risks, avoid trouble, have a safe trip. Help our government to eliminate illegal and bad professionals.