You can do two tipes of abseiling (rappelling) in Bonito: Abismo Anhumas (a trip deep in to the Earth) and Boca da Onça Ecotour.

Abismo Anhumas

01_abseilingIn the Abismo Anhumas is an abseiling (rappel) of 72 meters deep in to the ground then after a snorkelling or a scuba dive. After the rappel down you have to rappel up the 72 meters

All the tourists and the equipment, there is only one way to get down and to get up which is the abseiling.

 On the other abseiling – Boca da Onça – is an abseiling of 90 meters going down next to the highest waterfall of the state that has 156 meters of fall.

 After the abseiling you have a nice swim on a river of crystal water also on the highest waterfall and to finish a nice lunch combining with a nice rest at the farm.

A trip deep in to the Earth.

Abseling in the Anhumas Abyss

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PS: The Abismo Anhumas has limit of only 14 vacancies each day; In the periods of high seasons it´s very difficult to get vacancies. Please, book in advance.

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