Ecological Tours

Discover the wonders of Brazil wildlife, gateway to the BONITO Sustainable Tourism.


From Bonito – do not take anything but pictures; do not leave anything except footprints; do not kill anything except time – obrigado!

As we have a largest selection of tourist attractions, we will describe some of the most required.
In Bonito, the entrance to the tourist attractions is only allowed through a travel agency which organizes everything for you, since your arrival, with many pictures, offering folders, stikers, albums, video tapes and the prices for more than 15 attractions. The Hostel operates as a database in Bonito, arranging the strolls and the transportation to them, creating groups to make the strolls even more pleasant ( cheaper transportation) and to know other people, maybe, new friends.

PS: If you are going from Iguazu Falls to Bolivia (vice-versa), take advantage of our tours to Bonito and Pantanal that are in the same route – they are in the middle of the trip.

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The Bonito Tours:
(Take advantages with HI shared economic transportion for the Bonito tours and the convenience of HI tourism office that organizes all the tours daily)

Gruta do lago Azul (Blue Lake Cave)

Cultural property registered by edict, flooded cave of limy formation – visitation not recommended in high season periods (few vacancies)

Price per person = R$ 45,00 in “low season” and R$ 60,00 in “high season”

Rio da Prata, Rio Sucuri, Nascente Azul, Aquário Natural, Barra do Sucuri and Park Ecológico Rio Formoso

These are the best strolls because of the beauty of the rivers tranparency and their springs, the variety and quantity of the fish that are around the visitors during the snorkeling. Some are strolls that take all day long including lunch, and others are part-time strolls without lunch.

Prices between R$ 100,00 to R$ 240,00 each person.

The tour of Rio da Prata was chosen as the best ecological tour of Brazil by one of the most important magazine guide.

Estância Mimosa (falls), Ceita Corê (falls), Boca da Onça (falls) 

 These are attractions with hikes through forests, falls and natural pools of crystalline waters.

The tourists have two options : all day or part time, with or without lunch.

Prices between R$ 116,00 to R$ 217,00 each person.

DUCKING – Exciting activity in double kayak declivity, on amazing Formoso river, passing several waterfalls observing the local flora and fauna. Price: R$ 110,00 per person – high and low season

Formoso River rafting (row – boat trip)

Great declivity of the beautiful Formoso river, it takes nearly 2 hours  where you can stay in the island enjoying wonderful falls and natural pools.

Price: R$ 110,00 per person; R$ 90,00 CHD (high season) – the transportation around R$ 30,00 per person

Tubing / Body Ring = R$ 60,00 per person and R$ 70,00 (CHD) – one hour go down the Formoso River


The Anhumas Abyss is one of the most terrific adventures that many tourists have ever experienced and enjoyed.

It’s the rappelling (abseil down/up) practice going down 72 meters in a rope followed by snorkelling or diving in clean water inside a cave.


Abismo Anhumas (Abyss) abseiling = R$ 760,00 each person 
and scuba diving = R$ 1.045,00 pp

BOCA DA ONÇA FALLS (mouth of ounce)

 Is the abseiling (rappelling) practice going down 90 meters beside the largest waterfall of Mato Grosso do Sul State with 156 meters.

This adventures are completely safe with 2 guides, instructors, and all the equipment supplied by the agency.

Boca da Onça Abseilling = R$ 460,00 including lunch (high season) and R$ 399,00 (low season)


R$ 95,00 / R$ 112,00 per person (low / high season) * Discount for HIhostel members.


If you have already done a basic training of independent diving, you may enjoy some caves.If you don’t know how to dive, you may learn right here in Bonito. 

*CREDENTIAL (Basic) for > Anhumas Abyss Cave and Mysterious Lake

Prices: Anhumas Abyss abseiling = R$ 633,00 each person + scuba = R$ 258,00 >> total = R$ 891,00

Prices: Mysterious Lake snorkelling = R$ 130,00 each person or diving = R$ 310,00

*CREDENTIAL >(CAVE DIVER) > Mimoso Grotto * closed for the government – will be open for tourism soon;

*CREDENTIAL > (INTRO TO CAVE) > Ceita Corê Cave * closed for the government – will be open for tourism soon


R$ 80,00 per person

BALNEÁRIO MUNICIPAL – Municipal Swimming Site Park

R$ 30,00 and R$ 36,00 (low and high season) per person all day or half day-use – 8 Km – paved road

BALNEÁRIO DO SOL – Sun Swimming Site Park

R$ 40,00 per person CHD R$ 25,00 – all day-use – 15 Km

* sand road 


The Jiboia Project has the main objective clearing up about the non venomous snakes, its environmental education project, aiming the reduction.

Price = R$ 40,00 each people


For those who like cycling, the Lobo Guará (Maned Wolf) adventure, using special bikes suitable for offroad, is our latest attraction.

Guided by qualified trackers, the ride starts in downtown Bonito from where you follow trails around the town until reaching a farm that will give access to trails alongside the magnificent Rio Formoso where you will stop twice to bathe in it’s clear waters.


Each visitor is to plant a native tree seedling in the Maned Wolf Reserve, contributing to the recovery of areas that have been degraded in the past – R$ 98.00 per person – half day tour.

After enjoying Bonito you can go to Pantanal Wetland. We have the best and cheap options – low budget


08 to 16/10 October – Child Week
12 to 15/11  November – Republic Day  
17 to 31/12 Dezembro – Christmas and summer vacation .
January/ 2017

* It is possible avoid periods of high season to spend less on tours and lodging and to get places in all the main ecological attractions every day.


01 to 29-January – Summer vacation
24 February to 18 March – Carnival
14 to 16 – April – Easter
29 May to 21 April-Work Day 
08 to 30-July – Winter vacation
07 to 10 – September – Independence Day
11 to 15 – October – Child Week 
02 to 05 – November – All Souls Day
23 to 31 – Dezembro – Summer vacations
January/ 2018

Rent a digital aquatic camera SONY / CANNON to get more than 250 pictures snorkelling – including DVD of your images.

BONITO HI HOSTEL – 19 years of tradition in Bonito – the hostel where always there are many travelers to make friends, share transportation, information, clean, safe, english and spanish spoken, low rates, etc. Think about it all, do not waste time.


Better to be safe than sorry !

It has been brought to our attention that certain individuals without any tourism credentials, (to comply with government regulations) have been approach you (the Tourist), either direct at airports or on the bus terminals, with offering and promises of tours to the main attractions. Their prices are well tourism board established prices. Usually they will request the money upfront. Once you pay, they will disappear with your money never to be seen again. You will not recover your money as they are not registered with the Tourism Board. 

There are some van drivers who try to deviate tourists from their routes, tarnishing Bonito HI Hostel and other Hotels. These people like to “sell”  bad quality Pantanal tours promising mineral water, free nights, etc. These procedures are at least suspect. These people  set tourists into bad places with many mosquitoes, low quality bad food. 

Unfortunately, we have got many guests coming from those locations who have been devoured by mosquitoes and ladies who have suffered of sexual harassment and other problems such as spoiled food and no medical attendance.

Before booking a tour, make sure it has the operational environmental permits required by Brazil government CADASTUR (CADASTRE) – with our company you will practice safe ecological tourism in properties with environmental licenses of government. 

ecently a lot of properties that operated secretly were closed for the government because they didn t have environmental licenses and they didn t also follow hygiene rules and safety for the tourists.

 These people are illegal.

 The cheap can be very expensive – not to turn your dream trip a nightmare.