Gateway to the Southern Pantanal Tour

The company operates tours from the center of the Pantanal in the best areas for spotting wildlife. The wetlands surrounding our big lodge are home to a variety of mammals and birds, including: Jacaré alligators, Capibaras, armadillos, and Jaguars. have a great experience with us in the pantanal.

Accommodations: private room or dorms room or camping


Boat trips along the river/  Horse ride searching for wildlife/ Fishing for Piranha/ Riding inner-tubes down the river/ Walking Tour Night & Day/  Sunrise Walking/ Car safari and Night safari/  Medicinal Plants/ Alligator spotting/ First aid kit   

Discover the wonders of Brazil wildlife – gateway to BONITO




Better to be safe than sorry !

It has been brought to our attention that certain individuals without any tourism credentials, (to comply with government regulations) have been approach you (the Tourist), either direct at airports or on the bus terminals, with offering and promises of tours to the main attractions. Their prices are well tourism board established prices. Usually they will request the money upfront. Once you pay, they will disappear with your money never to be seen again. You will not recover your money as they are not registered with the Tourism Board.

There are some minibus drivers who try to deviate tourists from their routes, tarnishing Bonito HI Hostel and other Hotels. These people like to “sell”  bad quality Pantanal tours promising mineral water, free nights, etc. These procedures are at least suspect. These people  set tourists into bad places with many mosquitoes, low quality bad food

Unfortunately, we have got many guests coming from those locations who have been devoured by mosquitoes and ladies who have suffered of sexual harassment and other problems such as spoiled food and no medical attendance.

Before booking a tour, make sure it has the operational environmental permits required by Brazil government CADASTRE (CADASTUR) – with our company you will practice safe ecological tourism in properties with environmental licenses of government.

In october 2008 a lot of properties that operated secretly were closed for the government because they didn t have environmental licenses and they didn t also follow hygiene rules and safety for the tourists. These people are illegal. Even today there are still illegal properties in the Pantanal (wetland), unfortunately.


Click HERE to see our “CADASTUR”


The cheap can be very expensive – not to turn your dream trip a nightmare.