Bonito Caves and Grottos

From Bonito you can t take anything, only pictures and good memories and you only are allowed to leave here your footprints.

Gruta do Lago Azul (Blue Lake Cave)

In Bonito there is more than 500 classified caves but only three of them are open for the tourism activity: The Grotto of Blue Lake, Grotto of San Miguel and The big Anhumas Abyss cave. The grottos present rocks of calcareous formation and some of them have lakes with crystal clear waters with tonality of colors between blue and the emerald green.

It is a cave with calcium formation that got the blue lake inside. It is owned by the nation. There you´ll find 293 steps opened in the rocks in a sinuous trek that will conduct you to the blue lake.

For preservation measures it is not allowed to swim at the lake of the Blue Cave, just the visit only with  a local guide. The groups are composed by 15 people plus the guide. The total number of people allowed each day to visit it is 250. Visitation only during the morning. * The vacancies in all the Bonito ecological attractions is limited and in all the high seasons periods the main attractions are full up. If you want to know The Blue Cave and other important attractions you should book in advance.

Dry cave with calcium formations.

The visit start in the reception where they will show you a 7 minutes video about the cave. After visiting the cave you come back in an electric car.

The Abismo Anhumas is the largest and deepest cave of Bonito that has 72 meters deep to the level of the lake. Professional divers already go down more than 80 meters deep.

In the Abismo Anhumas is an abseiling (rappel) of 72 meters deep in to the ground then after a snorkelling or a scuba dive. After the rappel down you have to rappel up the 72 meters.

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